Tips for Professionals to Reduce Stress while working from Home

Tips for Professionals to Reduce Stress while working from Home

Taking client calls, managing deadlines and making sure payroll stays intact are some of the pertinent items on a professional’s mind during this pandemic. However, what may be on the backburner is your health.

While stress can be a predominant component in life, learning how to manage it is important. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle while working from home should always be at the top of your priority list.

Here are tips on how to relieve stress while working from home:

● Start with meditating in the morning. Great apps include CalmHeadspace: Meditation and Sleep and Breethe.

● Create a schedule. This will help you stay on-track and feel like you are in control of your day.

● Designate a workspace and maintain tidiness so you can have a fresh perspective each day.

● Make lunch the night before with nutritious foods. Already having a meal prepared can help make time for other things in your workday.

● Take a 15-minute break to do a leg workout. This will get your mind off work and focus on the specific exercise.

● Keep personal hygiene intact. Make sure to wash your hands properly, disinfect surfaces often and wear a mask when out in public.

● Limit your consumption of the media. Listening to news about the pandemic constantly can do more harm than good to your mental health.

● Stay connected within your community. Ask your work buddy to join in on a virtual workout session, cook a recipe together or go on a walk with a friend.

● Acknowledge your thoughts. Since it can be easy to focus on negative circumstances, try to reframe what you're feeling. The body feeds off happiness and joy which helps fuel to your mind.

Health is a priority that should be focused upon. While you may have distractions or other pressing concerns to worry about, be intentional about your body. Don’t let stress take hold of your life. Start by acting now and be the best version of yourself.